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Curriculum & Instruction

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Lenoir City Schools believes data-driven continuous improvement and professional learning are essential to ensure every student is nurtured and challenged by a highly effective teacher. Empowering teacher leaders is critical to strengthening the quality of instruction by creating a culture of shared leadership and a community of professional practice throughout our schools. The purpose of the teacher leaders initiative is to multiply the impact of our district expertise in content, pedagogy, and educator support to positively affect student growth and achievement.

The SY23-24 Professional Learning Guidelines for Certified personnel can be found here or on the Professional Learning Website. 

The SY23-24 Professional Learning Guidelines for Support personnel can be found here. If you have any questions, please refer to your direct supervisor or principal.

The Sy23-24 Required Training Information can be found here.  

The Frontline Help Guide for General Users can be found here.  

Instructions for accessing online Frontline PD sessions can be found here.


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